ARASCO has been established at 1983 for the case of Agricultural services. It is observed as a company that has specialty in food supply chain, where it has its own products, and empower others to produce high quality food. All of the aforementioned for human, and livestock.

Our company that is owned to several Saudi investors - a closed joint stock company -, our head is located in Riyadh. Our factories and different bossiness are in Riyadh, Kharj, and Dammam. The amount of employees are around 3000. They are being led by Saudi leaders.

ARASCO started in a limited region either in services or products, which were provided to help the sector of wheat in Saudi Arabia at that time. The company continued to develop, and the message of the company took the shape of supporting the continued food security in Saudi Arabia in specially, and the region in general. The company passed all of that to become a full organized system that contains six companies under the same vision. ARASCO is observed as one of the most important companies in the field of food supply chain, because our products directly or indirectly are in every cuisine.

All of the work In ARASCO now is focused to make fodder marine, wild, poultry, agricultural, veterinary, and providing full services of logistics, technical, and analytical.

ARASCO became a partner with three of the biggest companies in the world to achieve its goal of the growth in the field of food security to fill the need of Saudi Arabia. Not to mention, the acceptance of those companies to became partners with ARASCO is proofof the weight of ARASCO in the market of the food supply chain.

One of the noble goals we have, is the long path we create to improve the field of food security and to invest in saving the environment, where we are recognized as the company who provide three billion cubic meters yearly to plant the fodder in Saudi Arabia. Also, ARASCO is investing in the energy of Saudi youth, cooperating with the universities and education corporations, to upgrade the national talents and support the national economy.

In the social responsibilities side, the company act in a very important position through the human capital, and the financial one. In addition, the company is helping the cattle breeders in educating them in every event that has them. Which is aligned to the Vision of 2030.