Nasser Abanmi

We look forward to the Arab Company for Agricultural Services (ARASCO) to achieve our vision and continue our pioneering role towards supporting food security in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This year, we are witnessing the launch of many vital projects that enhance the company's future growth and sustainability of its business and improve its local and global competitiveness through a transformation program that aims to improve human capital, enhance communication with customers, improve internal operations, and profitability while raising cost effectiveness.

In the coming years, God willing, the company will continue to research and evaluate the company's growth opportunities by increasing the production capacity of the current sectors or developing production processes, enhancing the efficiency of its business and increasing the profitability of the existing sectors, while continuing to continue our pioneering role in the field of supporting food security.

Therefore, I ask myself first and all the employees of the company to make every effort to achieve this goal in order to achieve the highest quality standards in the products and services provided to our customers.

finally; We appreciate your valuable confidence and support for the company's activities, and we also cannot fail to thank all ARASCO employees who did not hesitate to serve this company and its leadership, hoping from God that this current year will be a year of empowerment and transformation to continue the achievements and achieve the growth opportunities inherent in ARASCO.