In just over 30 years we have expanded, diversified and played to our strengths to establish our position as KSA’s most prominent food security company.


We were established as a company in 1983, initially providing storage, handling and transportation services in support of the then booming wheat sector.

Our first three developmental phases each span roughly a decade.

Engaging in animal feed (1987 – 1997)
In early 1987, we took the strategic decision to enter the feed sector, raising our capital by more than four times to keep pace with this bold move.
Later that year, we began operations at our first feed mill in Al Kharj, with a production capacity of 30 tons/hour and a storage capacity of 50,000 tons.

Prompted by the success we found in marketing animal feed, we raised production capacity by 80% to 54 tons/hour, and then to 100 tons/hour. We built a silos system in King Abdulaziz Port in Dammam, raising the capacity of our supply chain and making us, in late 1997, the Kingdom’s largest feed producer.

Augmenting our portfolio (1998 – 2008)
We opened a second feed mill, in Dammam, with a capacity of 150 tons/hour, making us Saudi Arabia’s largest commercial compound feed manufacturer.  

Around the same time, we added 200,000 tons storage capacity at Dammam port, increasing our ship unloading capacity to over 10,000 tons/day. This move contributed significantly to the profound logistic and supply chain expertise we have today.

During this phase of development, we diversified our activities in the feed-to-food value chain, creating six highly focused business units. The activities of these units are consistent with our positioning as a food security company .  

Set for the goal (2008 -2020)
ARASCO focuses on reinforcing our logistical, administrative and financial capabilities while applying the latest specialized software to automate and update our systems. We are working to strengthen our business units and harness the synergies between them as we continue to expand and concentrate on quality management.

Also therefore, we have entered into strategic partnerships with renowned companies  such as:




Our eyes are firmly on the goal to become the chief enabler of the food supply chain for the entire region by 2020.