What We Do

A true ‘from feed to food’ company, we deliver products and services that are essential and integral to the Saudi Arabian food supply chain.

While only a small percentage of the 30 million people living in Saudi Arabia may know the ARASCO brand, most encounter us almost every day at their breakfast, lunch or dinner table.

Over the years, we have developed six specialized strategic business units, each fulfilling key aspects of the country’s food supply chain. Thus, we have developed competencies in a wide range of business areas.

This unique strategy allows us to call ourselves a true ‘from feed to food’ company.

Our highly developed expertise includes:
•    Agri commodity procurement and risk management;
•    Sea transportation of dry bulk commodities and stevedoring services;
•    Road and rail transportation of agri bulk products;
•    Grain and protein meals handling and storage;
•    Animal feed formulation and feed production;
•    Corn-based food ingredients for the food and beverage industry;
•    Nationwide distribution of farm inputs and food products;
•    Broiler farming and processing;
•    Analytical services for the total feed-to-food value chain;
•    Consumer (food) brand development.