Why Work With Us

Make a difference. Work with the best. We do business with integrity and pride. Work for a Top 10 Saudi employer.

We care for your career

Businesses develop only as good as their people. We commit ourselves to the career development of identified potential leaders whether in specialized or general areas. We offer careers for all who are driven to contribute to a better world and doing their job tomorrow better than today.


You will make a difference
ARASCO is more than just a profit generating business. We aim to contribute to the development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is at the basis of all of our strategies.
We are a leading company in the nutrition industry and have chosen a position as a feed-to-food manufacturer with a strong emphasis on supply chain management.
We nourish consumers with healthy, tasty affordable food that is produced in the Kingdom according to best in class principles.

This can only be achieved by people who embrace change and innovation. People, who care for preservation of our environment and help increasing the awareness that ARASCO works permanently for a better world.

You will work with the best
We believe in strong and brave leaders who persevere with conviction and have the ability to inspire their colleagues. 
We have an amazing group of young Saudis working in all kinds of business areas. Senior Saudi management has a broad experience in their field and a long tenure in ARASCO. Our values encourage excellence, transparency and personal integrity. Whether you have a passion for farming, manufacturing, logistics, nutrition, sales or an administrative career – we will help you to enjoy it.

We do business straight and with great pride
The guiding principles for our people are developed such that we enable ourselves to do so. We translate those principles in our 4 values:
1. The straight way
Honesty, integrity, and decency.
This is what we are about as a company and individuals.
2. Students of the business
We see problems as opportunities. We seek to learn from others.
We are open to change and will always challenge status quo.
3. Respect
We treat other with respect. People are equal regardless of their race, color, gender and religion.
4. Responsibility
Towards our stakeholders as well as the environment we operate in, the resource we use, and the communities we serve.
A Top Ten Saudi company to work for
ARASCO was in 2013 selected by Al-Eqtesadeya as one of the 10 best companies in Saudi Arabia to work for. Next to our appealing working environment we provide attractive compensation packages for your valued contributions. 


Businesses develop only as good as their people.