Supplying the MENA region with top quality, specialised animal feed.

ARASCO Feed, is the largest provider of animal nutrition in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

1. We manufacture compound feeds by sourcing our own robust supply chain, which is unique in the world.  We combine our own milled grains and protein-rich cakes with highly specific additives to optimize the health and production of our customers’ farm animals.

2. Optimizing the health & production of our customers’ by producing balance and complete feed.

3. We also produce specialty feeds, premixes and high quality feed phosphates, giving our customers the assurance that their animals are receiving the recommended levels of minerals, vitamins, micro ingredients and other essential nutritional components.

4. Our customers entrust us largely with the success of their agricultural businesses. They depend on us to formulate feed blends that cater to the specific and diverse requirements of their livestock, poultry, fish, shrimp, horses or camels.

5. Maintaining world-class operations

We operate at three locations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), with a capacity of 4 million tons of compound feed per year:

o    Al Kharj (two feed mills a premix plant and extruding plant)
o    Al Dammam (two feed mills a grain terminal and a storage capacity of 500,000 mt
o    Al Khobar (feed phosphate plant and premix plant under development).

We will expand our feed phosphate production to 250,000 ton/year in response to the accelerating growth of the phosphoric acid industry in the Kingdom.

ARASCO Feed products:
ARASCO manufactures livestock feed (Wafi feed, Lamb Starter feed, Wafi Breeder feed), Horses feed, pigeons feed Dairy Cows feed, poultry feed (Broiler feed, Layer feed, Breeder feed), aqua feed (Marine fish feed, Tilapia feed and Shrimp feed), as well as mixtures of forage (vitamins and minerals "premixes") and feed inputs (Di-Calcium Phosphate).

Working towards a sustainable future
In our daily operations, we contribute to the aim and efforts of the Saudi Arabian government to reduce the water consumption created by animal farming. We do this while maintaining a special focus on the rights of our end-consumers to purchase fresh, safe and locally produced eggs, meat and dairy products.

Keeping science & relationships central in everything we do
Our dedicated feed Research & Development team works closely with our highly experience valued customers as well as with research centers to develop and improve ARASCO’s products. In this way, we continue to provide them with market-leading products on par with global food safety standards, and sufficient supply to meet their increasing demands.

We are fully approved, compliant & quality assured
Our mills and factories are checked and ISO certified. Regular quality audits are integral to our operations. HACCP, integrated in ISO 22.000, is currently being introduced.

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