Food Safety

We take biosecurity and quality control seriously, because we all deserve access to safe and healthy food.

We all want food that is safe to eat.

Keeping contamination, residues, weeds, pests and diseases out of the food chain is at the forefront of everything we do at ARASCO.

How we prioritise biosecurity and quality?
•    We have invested in bio-secure storage facilities, which can be best characterized as vaults for our raw materials.
•    In order to minimise human interference, our poultry farms are intentionally geographically remote from other farms.
•    We clean our bulk trucks daily and disinfect them before each delivery.
•    We use NIRS technology when receiving raw materials and dispatching feed products. Our advanced laboratory analysis team and infrastructure guarantee that our production processes and products are swiftly and accurately monitored.
•    Our business processes are ISO certified, frequently audited, improved and upgraded to best in class manufacturing and management standards.